About ASHÉ

ASHÉ was developed in accordance to the cheerful and colourful spiritual tradition of Brazilian Candomblé. ASHÉ is a homage to the ORISHÁS - the gods of Candomblé. They represent the principles of the universe and they carry the universal energy. The Orishás keep all human beings in their inner and outer balance.

ASHÉ comes with 18 exclusive scents. The natural essential oils carry the joy, the energy, the wisdom of the elemental forces of nature. They are presented as oil based fragrances in highest concentration and free from alcohol. They can be used on skin and hair. Dispense 2-3 drops of ASHÉ on your fingertips and apply on your skin or on your hair tips for a long lasting, magic experience. The very light oil moves in quickly into your skin and hair, which will appear well-groomed.

Scents without alcohol

Our scents come in very high concentration of essential oils and are completely free from alcohol. The distinctive compositions of rare essential oils are manufactured by hand in Germany. An exceptional natural oil works as the carrier of the scents. This neutral and unseen light oil is certified by the natural standard of ECOCERT, BDIH and NATRUE. This oil has the remarkable characteristic to slowly release the scents thereby prolonging their duration. The scents unveil their decent and elegant notes without being masked by alcohol.

About us

Tilo Plöger is founder and owner of the brand ASHÉ. He grew up in Brazil and is iniciated in Brazilian Candomblé as Babalawo – der keeper of the mysteries. He is the author of several books about the Brazilian tradition of Candomblé. Tilo Plöger studied chemistry and economics and acted as General Manager and CEO for international cosmetic companies. Next to ASHÉ he is founder and developer of the natural cosmetic skin care brand SHAMANIC. After 10 years of development SHAMANIC was launched in 2018 and may be purchased at www.shamanic.com.

Anja Raiser is the owner of one of the top 30 advertising film productions in Germany, with offices in Stuttgart and Berlin, specialized in beauty. She has been active in the beauty segment for 25 years and has many years of experience in the product management of cosmetic brands on the agency and customer side.

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